Automated Conversion Value Rules Suggestions

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Craig Belcher

With the recent news of allowing new custom conversion values rules for "Smart" campaigns, it would be EXTREMELY helpful if

1. We had some prebuilt recipes (ideas) that we could manually deploy. I know this cannot be done automatically but it would be nice to have a list of ideas to start with. Visitors that visited in the last 30 days x2. Visitors that previously purchased in the last 60 x2 etc.

2. Then when data starts coming in the conversion value column have suggestions based on actual performance. Maybe increase/decrease certain value rules based on performance.


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Prerna S

Hey Craig, I think you'll be interested in 'Optimize Value Rules' tool in Optmyzr which works in a similar manner. The tool gives you suggestions on the adjustments you can make in conversion value for different segments. All you need to do is score the segments in 'Segment Scorer' and the tool starts showing up suggestions based on your score. Here is the link to help article if you want to know more about it- help.optmyzr.com/en/articles/6065260-optimize-value-rules-user-guide.



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